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North Salem, New YorkWatertown is a town in Litchfield County, Connecticut, United States, a suburb of Waterbury, with a population of about 23,000.

More than 310 years ago the area that is now Watertown belonged to the local Paugasuck Indians. In 1684, Thomas Judd and 35 other proprietors bought the land from the Indians and town history began.

Nestled in the lush Berkshire Foothills, Watertown is home to a variety of businesses that range from farming and agriculture, retail and services, to world-class manufacturing. Since its beginning, Watertown has evolved into a diverse community offering a wide variety of services and ameneties.

Incorporated in 1780 as part of Litchfield County, Watertown has maintained a stable economy over the years. Thanks to its nearly 30 square miles of fine residential areas, farmlands, recreation and industrial sites, Watertown is an enviable place to live, work, and play.

Watertown has that rare blend of Yankee ingenuity and enterprise, skilled men and women, a complete transportation network, land to expand, room for gracious living, and a sound economy that makes everyone want to visit and call it home.